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All Condos$300,000+0Browse All Doral Condos for sale
Luxury Condos$1,000,000 - $3,000,0000Browse Doral Luxury Condos for sale
Ultra Luxury Condos$3,000,000+0Browse Doral Ultra Luxury Condos for sale

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All Homes$500,000+0Browse All Doral Homes for sale
Luxury Homes$1,000,000 - $3,000,0000Browse Doral Luxury Homes for sale
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All Home Rentals$5,000+0Browse All Doral Homes for rent
Luxury Home Rentals$10,000+0Browse Doral Luxury Homes for rent

Doral Condo Buildings

BuildingPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletedDetails
Doral Cay$430K to $550K3 & 4 bedrooms2014View Doral Cay details

Doral Pre Construction

ProjectPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletionDetails
Midtown Doralfrom $360K1 - 3 bedroomsView Midtown Doral details
Oasis Park Square$800K to $1M+4 & 5 bedrooms2014View Oasis Park Square details
Vintage Estates$558K to $699K3 & 4 bedrooms2014View Vintage Estates details
Vintage Place$420K to $450K3 & 4 bedrooms2014View Vintage Place details
Doral Area

Doral Homes Real Estate

Doral is a mixed suburban and industrial neighborhood with 46,000 residents in northern-central Miami Dade county. It is conveniently located one mile from Miami International Airport. Doral is east of the Turnpike, west of the Palmetto Expressway, south of Medley and north of Sweetwater.

Doral real estate is made up mostly of single family homes for sale and townhomes for sale. You can also find a nice selection of homes and townhouses for rent in Doral.

Doral gets its name from the famous Doral Golf Resort & Spa, which is named after Doris and Alfred Kaskel, the original builders. Doral is a combination of their names. In the late 1950s, Alfred and Doris Kaskel bought 2,400 acres of land to build the golf course and hotel. It wasn't until the 1980s that Doral real estate started to grow. Since then Doral has been one of the fastest growing cities in Miami-Dade County. The city incorporated in 2003.

The Doral Golf Resort & Spa, known throughout the world for it's golf courses, is what Doral is most famous for. There are a large number of storefronts, businesses and shopping malls. With its proximity to Miami International Airport, there are a large amount of trade related businesses including importers and exporters. Doral is home to Miami Dade College West Campus.

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