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Properties for Sale in Brickell

Condos for Sale in Brickell

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Condos$300,000+1997Browse All Brickell Condos for sale
Luxury Condos$1,000,000 - $3,000,000317Browse Brickell Luxury Condos for sale
Ultra Luxury Condos$3,000,000+55Browse Brickell Ultra Luxury Condos for sale

Homes for Sale in Brickell

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Homes$500,000+47Browse All Brickell Homes for sale
Luxury Homes$1,000,000 - $3,000,00022Browse Brickell Luxury Homes for sale
Ultra Luxury Homes$3,000,000+5Browse Brickell Ultra Luxury Homes for sale

Rental Properties in Brickell

Condos for Rent in Brickell

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Condo Rentals$5,000+146Browse All Brickell Condos for rent
Luxury Condo Rentals$10,000+23Browse Brickell Luxury Condos for rent

Homes for Rent in Brickell

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Home Rentals$5,000+5Browse All Brickell Homes for rent
Luxury Home Rentals$10,000+1Browse Brickell Luxury Homes for rent

Brickell Condo Buildings

BuildingPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletedDetails
1100 Millecento$245K to $799Kstudios, 1 & 2 bedrooms2014View 1100 Millecento details
Asia Condo Brickell Key$890K to $7.8M2, 3, & 4 bedrooms2008View Asia Condo Brickell Key details
Brickell City Centre$490K to $2M1, 2, & 3 bedrooms2015View Brickell City Centre details
Brickell Heights$389K to $586K1 to 3 bedrooms, penthouses2016View Brickell Heights details
BrickellHouse$259K to $6.5Mstudios, 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms2014View BrickellHouse details
Bristol Tower$650K to $2.3M1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms1993View Bristol Tower details
Carbonell Brickell Key$395K to $2.3M1, 2, 3, & 4 bedrooms2005View Carbonell Brickell Key details
Epic Miami$379K to $6.1M1, 2 & 3 bedrooms2008View Epic Miami details
Four Seasons Millennium Tower$378K to $4.3Mstudios, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom2003View Four Seasons Millennium Tower details
Icon Brickell$305K to $1.7Mstudios, 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms2008View Icon Brickell details
Jade at Brickell Bay$424K to $1.9M1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms2004View Jade at Brickell Bay details
MyBrickell$214K to $460Kstudios, 1 & 2 bedrooms2014View MyBrickell details
One Tequesta Point$330K to $1.6M1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 bedrooms1995View One Tequesta Point details
Santa Maria Brickell$3.5M to $5.5M2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms1997View Santa Maria Brickell details
Three Tequesta Point$425K to $2.7M1, 2, & 3 bedrooms2001View Three Tequesta Point details
Two Tequesta Point$375K to $1.8M1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 bedrooms1999View Two Tequesta Point details

Brickell Pre Construction

ProjectPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletionDetails
1010 Brickell$350K to $1M+1 - 3 bedrooms2016View 1010 Brickell details
Brickell Flatironfrom $400K1 - 3 bedrooms2017View Brickell Flatiron details
Echo Brickell$380K to $2.25M1 - 4 bedrooms2016View Echo Brickell details
Le Parc at Brickell$299K to $799Kstudios, 1 - 3 bedrooms2015View Le Parc at Brickell details
Nine at Mary Brickell Village$290K to $973K1 - 3 bedrooms2015View Nine at Mary Brickell Village details
SLS Brickell$275K to $880K1 - 3 bedrooms2016View SLS Brickell details
The Bond at Brickell$280K to $950Kstudios, 1 - 3 bedrooms2015View The Bond at Brickell details
Brickell Area

Brickell, "Manhattan of the South"

Brickell is a dense, high-rise residential neighborhood with many high-end, luxury condominiums. It lies between the Miami River and the Rickenbacker Causeway. North of SE 15th Rd, it is mostly a mix of financial and residential. South of SE 15th Rd it is mostly residential. There are currently over 31,000 residents in Brickell.

Brickell real estate is mostly made up of luxurious high-rise condominium towers, like Asia, Epic, Icon Brickell, Jade and Santa Maria. There are many condos in Brickell available. You can find luxury condos and ultra-luxury condos. While not plentiful, there are some homes for sale in Brickell. Brickell also has a good selection of rentals available. One of the interesting areas in Brickell real estate is the man-made island of Brickell Key.

Brickell's history can be traced back to 1870, when William and Mary Brickell moved from Cleveland and acquired most the land that makes up present-day Brickell. Created in 1915, only a few of the spacious mansions from "Millionaire's Row" still exist. Mansions have been replaced by luxury high-rise condos that define Miami's skyline. Today, Brickell's neighborhoods are the fastest growing neighborhoods in Miami.

Brickell has the largest concentration of international banks in the United States. Along with the financial buildings, Brickell Avenue is also home to many popular Miami restaurants, shops and entertainment spots. Traditionally a financial district, recently Brickell real estate has revved up with the construction of many residential condominium buildings. At the heart of Brickell lies the Mary Brickell Village, a French style village of restaurants and shops. There is a Florida International University campus in Brickell, the downtown campus. Public transportation is used more in Brickell than anywhere else in Miami. Metrorail, has one station in Brickell at the Brickell Station and there are five Metromover stations inside the Brickell Loop. The Metromover is free and connects with the Metrorail.

Map of Brickell