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Condos for Sale in Aventura

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All Condos$300,000+0Browse All Aventura Condos for sale
Luxury Condos$1,000,000 - $3,000,0000Browse Aventura Luxury Condos for sale
Ultra Luxury Condos$3,000,000+0Browse Aventura Ultra Luxury Condos for sale

Homes for Sale in Aventura

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All Homes$500,000+0Browse All Aventura Homes for sale
Luxury Homes$1,000,000 - $3,000,0000Browse Aventura Luxury Homes for sale
Ultra Luxury Homes$3,000,000+0Browse Aventura Ultra Luxury Homes for sale

Rental Properties in Aventura

Condos for Rent in Aventura

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All Condo Rentals$5,000+0Browse All Aventura Condos for rent
Luxury Condo Rentals$10,000+0Browse Aventura Luxury Condos for rent

Homes for Rent in Aventura

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All Home Rentals$5,000+0Browse All Aventura Homes for rent
Luxury Home Rentals$10,000+0Browse Aventura Luxury Homes for rent

Aventura Condo Buildings

BuildingPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletedDetails
Bella Mare$720K to $3.0M2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms2006View Bella Mare details
Bellini Williams Island$875K to $1.4M3 & 4 bedrooms2013View Bellini Williams Island details
Echo Aventura$1.3M to $41.9M2 - 5 bedrooms2015View Echo Aventura details
Hamptons Southnot available2, 3, & 4 bedrooms2004View Hamptons South details
Porto Vitanot available2, 3 & 5 bedrooms2000, 2004View Porto Vita details

Aventura Pre Construction

ProjectPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletionDetails
Aventura Park Square$450K to $895K1 - 3 bedrooms2017View Aventura Park Square details
Marina Palmsfrom $600K2 - 4 bedrooms2014View Marina Palms details
Privé$1.7M to $6M+2 - 4 bedroomsView Privé details
Aventura Area

Aventura Condos and Homes Real Estate

Aventura is a planned city in the northeastern part of Miami-Dade county. It's development began in the 1970s, where it was originally called Turnberry. It was later changed to Aventura, Spanish for "adventure". There are currently over 35,000 residents living here.

There is a huge selection of condos for sale in Aventura, as it makes up a large part of the Aventura real estate market. There is also a large selection of luxury condos and ultra-luxury condos in Aventura. There are a number of upscale condominium buildings in Aventura, like the Porto Vita building and Hamptons South. Although there are not as many single family homes in Aventura, you can still find some very nice ones. For those who are looking for something a little more short-term, check out Aventura's rentals. Inside Aventura real estate you can find the 80 acre community of Williams Island

Aventura is home to the luxury resort Turnberry Isle, where it has two 18-hole championship golf courses. The fifth largest shopping mall in the United States, the Aventura Mall, can also be found here. If you are looking for outdoor shopping, "The Promenade Shops" or "The Shoppes at the Waterways." may interest you. Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus is here as well. The City of Aventura has an Arts & Cultural Center, an elegant high-tech facility that provides a wide range of performing arts and cultural programming options. Right next to it is the Aventura Charter School which along with public and private elementary and high schools give the citizens of Aventura many options to choose from.

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