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Map of Miami Areas

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Miami's Condos for Sale

Here are all the condos that are available for sale, starting at $300,000, in the cities and neighborhoods that Constec Realty's services encompass. This page features a user-friendly map that shows the parts of the greater Miami area that we handle.

Clicking on an area will open a small window which displays a short description of the area, the number of condos available and their price range along with a link to view all the available condos in your chosen area. Zoom in on the map to reveal more specific areas. To view information on a different area within Miami, close the small window and navigate on the map to the next area and click it.

As you zoom in you reveal more areas.

Whether you are searching for Aventura condos for sale or a spectacular condo on Brickell, you locate it here. We deal with real estate in Miami-Dade county and can help you find a condo from Aventura to Brickell.