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Map of Miami Areas

Clicking on an area will open a small window which displays a short description of the area, the number of homes available and their price range along with a link to view all the available condos in your chosen area.

Zoom in on the map to reveal more specific areas. To view information on a different area within Miami, close the small window and navigate on the map to the next area and click it.

Learn About the Condos for Sale in Miami

This page covers all the condos for sale in Miami that are available and start at a price of $300,000 and goes all the way up into the tens of millions. There is a user-friendly map with clickable Miami areas that tell you a little about the area and give a breakdown of the number of condos for sale in that area with price ranges and other statistics.

Clicking the link to learn more about a particular area will take you to that area's detail page. It contains more stats, condo buildings, pre-construction projects and more information.

There are many different condos for sale in Miami. The number of $300,000+ condos for sale in Miami is in the thousands at any given time. The most popular places to go condo shopping, which happen to have the most condos, are places like South Beach, Brickell and Sunny Isles Beach.

Aventura and Bal Harbour also are bastions for condo towers.

New Condos

New condo buildings are being built all the time. If you are interested in living in a new building, but you missed the boat on the pre-construction, don't worry. As soon as a building is finished, many condos hit the resale market.

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