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Welcome to Constec Realty Commercial Real Estate Miami Division. We handle commercial real estate in Miami. Below, you will find links to the different types of commercial real estate for sale in Miami-Dade, Florida priced starting at US$3 million.

The different types of commercial real estate includes hotel properties, income properties, industrial, office, warehouse, shopping centers and commercial land. The Commercial land category could include land for the uses such as hotel, industrial or offices, as well as multi-family residential real estate development.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all commercial investment opportunities in Miami as there are multiple other sources for available properties such as proprietary databases, direct contact with owners, etc. We encourage you to call us at +1.305.864.3100 or email us at and we will help you navigate through the selection, contracting, due diligence and closing process of your commercial real estate Miami acquisition.

Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Why Use Us?

Constec Realty Buyer Agent will sell you the Property YOU want at the best terms. If there are options available (which most of the time is the case) we will tour them all for you to choose the best fit. It doesn’t matter if it takes a week or 6 months to find the right property. We are here to help from identifying the property to closing.

Your time is valuable. Here at the Commercial Real Estate Miami Division, we take the time to understand your business and your requirements (and will ask many questions) so as to point you in the right direction as far as site selection, size, pricing, etc. (unless you know exactly what you are looking for and those requirements can be met in the marketplace).

We know the properties, market and areas and can assess if a property is undervalued or has turnaround potential. Our team members are also well versed in the development and construction process for each property type. The Commercial Real Estate Miami Division understands the investment criteria and due diligence requirements of both entrepreneurial and institutional clients (our broker has real estate development experience and worked in mergers and acquisitions for one of the largest US private companies).

Our fee is absorbed in most cases by the Seller and in the case it is not it will be disclosed before fully identifying the property.

We help you negotiate the best deal by providing you with all relevant information such as comparable properties, Seller’s motivation, Seller’s purchase history, debt held against the property and more. Many times once negotiated we renegotiate before you end up purchasing property.

We will assist and recommend to you, other professionals that are intricately involved in the process of a real estate purchase. You will most likely need a surveyor, a lender or mortgage broker, appraiser, real estate attorney, lien search firm, inspection firm, and most likely an architect, engineer and general contractor for some repair work. We help you choose the best from all the good professionals that are out there!

So call our Commercial Real Estate Miami Division now +1-305-864-3100 or email us and let us help you with your Miami Commercial Real Estate acquisition.