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Condos for Sale in South Beach

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Condos$300,000+17Browse All South Beach Condos for sale
Luxury Condos$1,000,000 - $3,000,0006Browse South Beach Luxury Condos for sale
Ultra Luxury Condos$3,000,000+4Browse South Beach Ultra Luxury Condos for sale

Homes for Sale in South Beach

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Homes$500,000+11Browse All South Beach Homes for sale
Luxury Homes$1,000,000 - $3,000,0002Browse South Beach Luxury Homes for sale
Ultra Luxury Homes$3,000,000+9Browse South Beach Ultra Luxury Homes for sale

Rental Properties in South Beach

Condos for Rent in South Beach

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Condo Rentals$5,000+6Browse All South Beach Condos for rent
Luxury Condo Rentals$10,000+5Browse South Beach Luxury Condos for rent

Homes for Rent in South Beach

TypePrice Range# AvailableBrowse
All Home Rentals$5,000+0Browse All South Beach Homes for rent
Luxury Home Rentals$10,000+0Browse South Beach Luxury Homes for rent

South Beach Condo Buildings

BuildingPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletedDetails
Apogee South Beach$6.5M to $17.0M3, & 4 bedrooms2007View Apogee South Beach details
Bentley Bay North$600K to $1.1M1 & 2 bedrooms2005View Bentley Bay North details
Bentley Bay South$550K to $10.5M1, 2, & 3 bedrooms2005View Bentley Bay South details
Continuum II South Beachnot available1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedrooms2008View Continuum II South Beach details
Continuum South Beachnot available1, 2, 3, & 4 bedrooms2002View Continuum South Beach details
Icon South Beach$640K to $4.0M1, 2, & 3 bedrooms plus penthouse2005View Icon South Beach details
Murano at Portofino$999K to $5.9M1, 2, & 3 bedrooms plus townhomes2002View Murano at Portofino details
Murano Grande$749K to $8.9M2, 3 & 4 bedrooms plus townhomes2003View Murano Grande details
Portofino Tower$775K to $8.8M1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 bedrooms1997View Portofino Tower details
The Setai South Beach$2.0M to $6.0Mstudios, 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms2004View The Setai South Beach details
W South Beach$815K to $13.0Mstudios, 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms2008View W South Beach details

South Beach Pre Construction

ProjectPrice RangeUnit TypesCompletionDetails
One Ocean South Beach$750K to $7.1M3 - 5 bedrooms2014View One Ocean South Beach details
Shore Club Miami Beach$1.6M to $6M1 - 3 bedrooms2017View Shore Club Miami Beach details
South Beach Area

South Beach, "SoBe"

South Beach is the place to take your talents to. Whether it is called "SoBe" or "America's Riviera", South Beach is a world-renowned neighborhood in Miami Beach. South Beach includes all of the barrier islands of Miami Beach south of Indian Creek. There are nearly 40,000 residents in SoBe.

Real estate South Beach Florida is the pinnacle of trendy and relevant. There are many homes for sale and even more condos for sale in South Beach. If your interests lie in luxury homes and luxury condos or you want nothing less than the best in ultra-luxury homes or ultra-luxury waterfront penthouses, South Beach has it all. Many who visit end up staying, either by buying a second home or opting to extend their stay indefinitely and securing a South Beach rental property. Luxury rentals are also available and start at $10,000 per month. Buying or leasing, there are many luxury high-rises to choose from: Apogee, Continuum I, Continuum II, Icon, Murano at Portofino and more.

South Beach was the first part of Miami Beach to be developed, starting in the 1910s. The Miami Beach land boom began in 1920. The 1930s saw an architectural revolution as Art Deco, Streamline Moderne and Nautical Moderne styles exploded. The island was briefly taken over by the Army Air Corps after the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. In the 1970s and 80s South Beach was relegated to being a retirement community filled with poverty and crime, then in the late 80s there was a renaissance. The fashion industry began to take over and then there was the construction boom in South Beach. The area underwent a transformation from retirement to ultra-wealthy with the rise of luxury high-rise towers. It is currently an ultra-fashionable, wealthy part of Miami real estate.

Whether it is daytime or nighttime, South Beach is the major entertainment destination in Miami. There are hundreds of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, boutiques and hotels. It is considered a tourist hot spot where some end up purchasing second homes. Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, Washington Avenue and Collins Avenue are great for eating, shopping and entertaining.

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