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Selling Miami Homes

If you plan on selling homes in Miami, Miami Beach Condos, South Beach Real Estate & properties in other areas in the Greater Miami region then Constec Realty is your answer. We will approach the sale of your home or residential property differently than other real estate companies. If you are reading this you most likely have made a business decision to have representation for the sale of your residential property. We take this responsibility very seriously and advice our clients based on our experience on how to reach their goals. Amongst the recommendations we'll make are:

Staging of the property

It is most likely that you are currently residing in the property, however, if you are selling your home and want top dollar, there are tricks of the trade on how to make the property more pleasing to the eye, no matter how nice it is. This could include minor upgrades, landscaping etc.


We will assist you in pricing your home or residential real estate according to market. A competitively priced property sends the buyer the signal that you are a seller, it will get you more exposure through showings and usually gets you offers at the offered price.

Right level and intensity of exposure

Besides what everybody else does like MLS posting, brochures, signage, newspaper and magazine advertising, mail outs, brokers open, open houses, Constec Realty does it systematically. It's not what we do, it's how we do it (high level of professionalism, completeness, speed) that counts. Our exposure through the website, our public relations campaign and a database with over 4,000 contacts allows your home to be viewed by multiple potential "right prospects".

Contact us for a market analysis of your property

Let us tell you our unique approach to selling your home in Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach and other areas. Most, if not all, of the listing process can be done online and via phone, so we will not be disturbing you more than the necessary. We are effective, non-traditionalist real estate agents in Miami with a different approach to selling your property. Call us today 305-864-3100 or e-mail us at