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Check out our new Miami Real Estate Mobile Website

If you own a tablet or smartphone and are interested in

we encourage you to check out our new mobile website:

to learn how to use the special features of our mobile website.

It is very useful for at home or on the go.

Here you can learn how to use the 3 main features of our mobile website.

1. Up-to-the-minute property search

When using the , you can search for:

- properties in an area, like Coral Gables, Brickell, Sunny Isles
- properties in your current area if your device knows where you are
- properties in the vicinity of an address that you enter

You can adjust the criteria to fit your needs

- Search Radius
- Property type (house/condo)
- Price range, beds, baths, living area
- pool or waterfront

Finally, you can decide to view your results in a list or ...

2. View available properties on a map

View your . Click a property icon to view a photo, it's price, bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, address and a link to even more details. Sometimes there are many properties near each other, like when they are in the same building. The map uses clustering icons when there are many properties near each other. Just click on the cluster icon and it zooms in, revealing the properties.

3. Save your favorite properties using "My Constec"

You can use "" to save properties you are interested in, pick and choose e-mail alerts to sign up for and edit your information and preferences. Getting started with using "My Constec" is very easy. You can sign up by entering your email, name and password. Once you are signed in, saving a property to your favorites is as easy as clicking the Save button on a property. It is equally easy to remove a property from your favorites by clicking the Remove button next to the property in "My Constec". Check back often to see if one of your saved properties price drops. There will be a green "Price Reduced" note next to a property if it's price drops.

Remember to share an interesting property. There are many ways to share a property with others. While on the property detail page, you can like it on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter, recommend it with Google+ or just forward it to a friend.

We are always there to help you once you see something you love or help you find something. There are many ways to contact us on our mobile website. You can contact us via phone or email or by filling out one of our contact forms.

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