Trulia and Zillow Florida Should You Question the Agents They Promote?

Trulia and Zillow Florida

Trulia and Zillow Florida, Don’t assume the agents they promote are the ones you should use.

The Trulia or Zillow Florida Story

A week ago I met with an acquaintance of mine from years ago that had recently purchased a house in Miami. He told me the story how he was searching for properties through one of the large agglomerators of MLS data (it could have been Trulia or Zillow Florida, but that is beside the point) until he found a house that he liked. Next to the information on the house was contact information for three different agents. He chose one who basically helped him purchase the house.

What’s the Problem?

So, what’s wrong with using an agent displayed on Trulia or Zillow Florida? What’s the problem? Buyer got what he wanted.

Well, not necessarily. Let me tell you why.

These webpages that put all the data together are in the business of selling online advertising. The way they do it is by offering ZIP codes to real estate agents.

Money Talks

Their selection criteria is whether the agent is interested in forking over $$$ for the leads. I know this because I get a call every 15 days or so from a sales rep offering new ZIP codes that “just opened up” and I should jump at this unique opportunity “to grow my business”.

Other Troubling Things

I find other things even more troubling than not vetting the agents. The information on past sales and current listings for the agents listed next to your property of interest is not accurate and many times a misrepresentation.  I know this because I’ve checked it against proprietary Realtor database.

Now, let me say that these websites are great for searching for properties and they are also a fine business for their stakeholders. Since you are looking to buy real estate I should warn you that it does not ensure that you necessarily get good Buyer Broker representation.

I always say that when a Seller wants to sell and a Buyer wants to buy and the price you pay for the property is not an issue, you can do without a real estate broker. But that is usually not the case.

Choose a Professional Experienced Agent

If you are interested in finding out other information that can give you an upper hand when negotiating what is a large investment, then you are better off working with a true real estate agent professional. Things like:

  • Comparable sales
  • Seller motivation
  • What the seller owes
  • and other information

Most of the time the money is made when you buy right!

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